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In two steps, share the responses developed by your city; region or national association to overcome the COVID-19 crisis.



The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Marija Pej?inovi? Buri?, has issued a toolkit for governments across Europe on respecting human rights, democracy and the rule of law during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Toolkit (available in several languages)

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Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe

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The Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS) has transformed its electronic newsletter, NALAS Digest, into an exchange platform for good practices of local governments in South-East Europe and their associations identifying local initiatives to fight the pandemic. The first edition provided information on local action, such as virtual health clinic in Bansko, Bulgaria; local production of disinfectants in Apatin, Serbia, and of masks for citizens in ?ib?ne?ti, Romania; special arrangements for public transport in Turkish cities; as well as examples from other member associations in meeting the needs of the affected municipalities. A new edition of NALAS Digest is published every week. 


Online events

NALAS organised a series of three online panel discussions on maintaining waste management business operations, public health and safety of participants in the waste management chain, and the issue of the resilience of the service during and after the crises.

The network organised webinars on “lessons learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic for ensuring Business Continuity of Water Services” and on the “Financial aspects of managing water and sanitation services during COVID-19”.

It organised two online conferences on: "How do South-East Europe local governments deal with COVID-19 and its consequences?" and "The local governments of the region call for support for successful post COVID-19 recovery".

NALAS presented the results of its survey "South-East European Local Governments in the Post COVID-19 socio-economic recovery" at a workshop organised by the World Bank on "the impact of COVID-19 on local government finances".

During the Danube Governance Conference, the President of NALAS said that local governments in South East Europe remain in the front line in responding to the Covid-19 crisis.


Studies on the COVID-19 crisis

NALAS’ Quick Response Service launched an inquiry for collecting data on financing COVID-19 measures. NALAS also launched a survey that aims to improve understanding of the impact of the crisis while identifying effective economic and social recovery strategies. The Consultative Concilium met to discuss policy recommendations on socio-economic recovery measures in dealing with COVID-19.


Initiatives of CEMR’s Task Force

NALAS is a member of the CEMR COVID-19 Task Force, contributing to the efforts of PLATFORMA, the pan European coalition of towns and regions. A series of webinars have been organised by NALAS in partnership with the Disaster Risk Prevention and Preparedness Initiative in South-East Europe and the NALAS e-Academy is conducting an online course in disaster risk management for local government professionals.